We Remember Our Favorite Toy Forever

Do you remember your favorite toy growing up? Odds are, you don’t have to think too hard to remember.

Most likely, you already have fond memories popping up of your G.I. Joe … your Barbie … your Matchbox cars … or any one of hundreds of other toys.
No matter what it is, what’s important is that your favorite toy holds a very special place for YOU. Those were very special times where we were learning new things … using our imaginations … and most importantly, having fun!

With our building blocks (and a little imagination), we were able to create magnificent castles and stories to go along — right there in our bedrooms! Or we could create whole stories and personalities with our dolls … and they may have been our first best friend!

A young child’s imagination is such a powerful tool, and should always be celebrated and encouraged! And toys that promote imagination, creativity, storytelling, and problem solving are the ones that stand out to us … and the ones we remember with a smile decades later!

To build lasting and positive memories that will positively impact children’s lives for years to come is why I created Lite Poppers. It is a brand-new construction toy designed to capture your child’s imagination and encourages them to build, create, explore and create all new stories for their new Popper friends!

This innovative toy combines the timeless construction toy benefits of freedom to let your imagination run wild, with brand-new technology that lets your child’s creation light up and “come to life” – and teach valuable STEM principles in the process!
We remember our favorite toys because the best ones let us unlock the full potential of our imaginations and unleash our creativity … and those memories (and skills) stick with us for life!

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