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Next-Gen Tech Toys: Retro With A Twist

Will video game consoles make the toys we grew up with obsolete? I say “No way!” The kind of toys where we used our hands and imaginations to learn and grow will always have a place in children’s hearts. The way we first learn to play pours the foundation for the way we will learn throughout life. I have nothing against console video games. I think they can be very [...]

Tech of Tech Toys

The world is rapidly changing. LED lighting has become a standard and USB rechargeable batteries are now the norm. They offer green solutions for the environment and benefit the end user on expensive batteries that don’t last. Kids are known for NOT turning off toys and wearing down batteries the second they start to play. The toy companies not paying attention to the technology are hindering children’s ability to learn, create [...]

Uniquely Human

The Challenge AND Reward of Using Our Hands To Build With Models and Construction Toys. It’s a uniquely human trait to use our own hands to craft, create and turn nothing into something. To turn what was once useless into something that serves an important purpose. Over thousands of years, we’ve learned how to turn a rough rock into an arrowhead … weave reeds into a basket … and create [...]