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Best Christmas or Hanukkah gifts are always STEM related in some way.

The holiday season will be here before you know it. And as always, there will be the mad rush to find out what the “next hot toy” will be? And every year, hundreds of new toys hit the market. But the most successful toys usually have one feature in common: They are almost always STEM related! This has been the case since before the word “STEM” became part of any [...]

The Best Birthday Present for Your Child!

(They’ll Have So Much Fun, They Won’t Realize They’re Learning!) Let’s face it: Tell a child that a toy is “educational,” and they’re probably going to be a little wary. It’s almost like eating broccoli: No matter how good it may be for you, many children won’t eat broccoli because “they’re not supposed to like it.” Unfortunately, when it comes to toys, “educational” and “fun” don’t go together in many kids’ [...]