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Who We Are

All of us here at Lite Poppers believe that every child deserves the freedom to create, learn and have fun all at once. It is during that magical time when children discover their true passions and maximize that potential. We believe that Lite Poppers are the very embodiment of that freedom to grow, learn and explore.

Gavin and Devin, under the guidance of their father, have made it their mission to share their passion for creation and innovation with other children across the world.

Keeping true to his passion for story-telling, Gavin created themed stories to go along with each construction toy. That way, children can create stories to go along with their new physical constructions. Together, Gavin and Devin have created a new toy that encourages children to strive for innovation and tell others about their successes!

The many benefits of teaching with Lite Poppers include:

Math Skills

Learn and practice Math skills by grouping, adding, subtracting, matching and sequencing.

Reading Skills

Expand Language and reading skills as they articulate about size, shape, colors, comparisons, themes and other aspects of building.

Develop Relationships

Develop social relationships while solving problems with other children, as they share, discuss and build.

Hand/Eye Coordination

Build Strength in fingers and hands (fine and gross motor skills) improve hand and eye coordination, gain visual discrimination, practice observation, and learn spatial relations.

Building Models

Learn to create buildings and structures and to design imaginary things based on one’s own ideas.

Computer Skills

Learn and practice computer based skills such as modular reasoning, building, perspective, logarithms, algorithms and creative reasoning.