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Lite Poppers Helicopter

The amazing Helicopter theme Lite Poppers kit includes one incredible model build with one character from Popperville.

What's Included:
  • USB fully rechargeable touch sensor LED base
  • 16 Lite Poppers parts in kit
  • Digital comic book series volume ONE
  • Sticker decal sheet to decorate all models
  • Three collective series trading cards
  • Imagination play value with three characters from Popperville
  • Lite Poppers has a build and use play pattern rather than just build and rebuild
  • Build methodical models or abstract builds from your own imagination
  • Full integration with any other Lite Poppers set
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Building Instructions

All Lite Poppers kits come with step-by-step directions to build specific models, but all different kits can be combined with one another, giving you the freedom to create whatever comes to mind!

Lite Poppers are construction with manipulation of parts such as pop, slide, twist and spin abilities, can be recombined with other kits to make larger more intense play patterns, and are themed with relatable story and characters. Each time a new set appears it can add right into the last set you purchased.

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LED Base

The USB fully rechargeable touch sensor LED base adds light to your creations.

From a simple base, Lite Poppers allows young engineers to use their imagination to build a unique creation, and there are virtually no limits to what they can create with Lite Poppers!

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Rechargeable USB Adapter

*The USB rechargeable light up base adds light to any Lite Poppers creation. The USB Cable & Wall Plug are not included with individually sold toys.

Available Dec. 4th 

Collectible Trading Cards & Sticker Pack New

Each kit has a comic book included with an adventurous storyline.

Each kit has a comic book included with an adventurous storyline. This kit allows the end user to escape in the vast animated world of Lite Poppers and they can explore a wide variety of topics during playtime and can participate in activities such as theme model building, abstract modeling, 3D puzzle building and more. The STEM principles embedded into the Lite Poppers play pattern, your child’s cognitive development, math by grouping skills, and hand-eye coordination will steadily improve as they play, along with enhancing their natural creativity.

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Parts & Accessories

Includes: 16 Pieces, 1 Sticker Pack, 3 Collectible Trading Cards

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