How to become a Lite Poppers distributor?

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How to become a Lite Poppers distributor?

Lite Poppers are unlike any other children’s toy out there, and kids absolutely fall in love with this unique way to learn and have fun all at the same time.

The wide variety of shapes, colors and possibilities draw a child’s fascination at first glance. Then, the open-ended play pattern puts no limit on what a child’s natural curiosity and creativity can imagine. In fact, the fun and freedom that comes with playing with Lite Poppers only enhances kids’ natural enthusiasm and confidence the more they play. And the innovative touch sensor LED rechargeable base brings creations to life … the very embodiment of a child’s limitless imagination!

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Key Features:

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  • Motion-activated illuminating bases with USB-rechargeable batteries
  • Kids can build models with launchers that really fire while playing with included character.
  • All Lite Poppers kits use interchangeable parts that kids can recombine in fun ways.
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