Next-Gen Tech Toys: Retro With A Twist

Will video game consoles make the toys we grew up with obsolete? I say “No way!”

The kind of toys where we used our hands and imaginations to learn and grow will always have a place in children’s hearts. The way we first learn to play pours the foundation for the way we will learn throughout life. I have nothing against console video games. I think they can be very fun when played in moderation, provided that the game content is appropriate for children. Plus, they’ve provided some very cool technological innovations. And those innovations have been embraced by the makers of the next generation of “traditional” toys. Retro, if you will.

The next generation of great toys take the time-tested imagination themes of the toys we’ve grown up with and have been infused with technology. In our current age, technology has become so advanced that toymakers have the chance to build new toys with new components and ideas that were unavailable to previous generations! It’s the best of both worlds!

Take a construction toy for example. What would be more engaging to a child today: A toy where they can use their imagination to combine different sections to create structures, animals, vehicles or virtually anything, or … A toy that can do the EXACT same thing … but LIGHT UP in a way where a reflective LED light refracts throughout the dozens of reflective prisms throughout their creation. I think the answer every time would be the toy that “comes to life!”

That’s what we tried to do with Lite Poppers. We took a simple concept … one that children have loved for generations … and put a new twist on it! Through a USB rechargeable base, a LED light emits throughout all the individual poppers of your child’s creation. Like a kaleidoscope, it is truly amazing to watch and play with … for both children and adults! There’s often talk of the “good old days.” But Lite Poppers took the best of “the good old days” and made it BETTER with innovative and exciting technology!

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