Kids LOVE to Collect Toys

Kids have been collecting things for about as long as there have been things to collect! Whether they were baseball cards, Barbie dolls, seashells, dinosaur figurines … the list could go on forever.

However, this isn’t a random phenomenon. It’s often part of our development as human beings. While not every child finds collecting fun, the act of collecting can be incredibly intellectually stimulating – and provide the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons – for children who do collect.

When children find something that really grabs their attention, they usually jump in head-first. There is rarely a “passing interest.”

Take the classic example of baseballs cards: A child who is fascinated by them will strive to learn as much about their passion as possible. They’ll WANT to learn all about the history, the stories and everything even remotely connected to baseball cards.

And their collection is often their first time they’ll practice organizational skills … and take great pride in it. Maybe they’ll organize their collection by size, or color, or maybe just in order of their favorites! And often, you’ll see children go to great care to keep their favorites safe, clean and organized.

Plus, organizing encourages counting, sorting, grouping and many other mathematical skills. While it may seem just a casual hobby, collecting encourages many valuable intellectual principles that will benefit the child for years and years to come. And if a child’s passion for collecting requires purchases and they must use their allowance towards new items, they’re learning how to budget! But of course, first and foremost collecting is supposed to be FUN. When we created Lite Poppers, giving children to have fun and enjoy their own creativity is our number one priority. But, Lite Poppers offer multiple ways to collect. Children can collect new and exciting popper characters, new vehicles or other kits, the cool Popperville comic strips that come with every kit, or they can build a collection of their own unique creations!

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