Best Christmas or Hanukkah gifts are always STEM related in some way.

The holiday season will be here before you know it. And as always, there will be the mad rush to find out what the “next hot toy” will be?

And every year, hundreds of new toys hit the market. But the most successful toys usually have one feature in common: They are almost always STEM related! This has been the case since before the word “STEM” became part of any parent’s vocabulary.

When it comes to figuring out what makes the best Christmas and Hanukkah gifts, it’s helpful to begin with what TIME Magazine has called the “most-influential toy of all time:” the LEGO.

Since its debut in 1958, the humble LEGO has gone on to become the largest toy company in the world, and has inspired a countless number of architects, engineers, computer programmers and scientists.

The act of connecting one piece to another – and to another, and so on – causes a child’s natural creativity to take over. And it teaches vital problem-solving skills and geometric principles, all in a fun way! Construction toys are generally so simple – and inexpensive — but the time-tested success of LEGOs speaks volumes about the power of the simple construction toy to teach, inspire and captivate.
No wonder construction toys are the perfect holiday gift!

And in 2016, inventor Jon Capriola has put a new creative spin on the time-honored construction toy. He created Lite Poppers, the only toy on the market that combines the STEM teaching properties of construction toys with new and exciting technologies that make your child’s creation “come to life!”

Lite Poppers use reflective prisms in the individual poppers that reflects the LED from the USB rechargeable base. That way, your child’s creating comes to life – a brand new innovation to the construction toy!
What’s more, each Lite Poppers kit comes with a comic book series that and cool Popperville characters that can be collected, and traded with your friends.

Lite Poppers are truly the next great innovation of the educational construction toy!

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